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Clean Your Criminal Record in Los Angeles with Paul Rosenbaum

Everyone deserves a second chance. In the sprawling cityscape of Los Angeles, a past criminal record can often stand in the way of those chances, be it employment, housing, or personal pursuits. Thankfully, the legal system provides avenues for individuals to clean their slate, and one name stands out when seeking such services: Paul Rosenbaum.

The Los Angeles Criminal Record Dilemma

Los Angeles, known for its glamour and dreams, also has its share of complex legal challenges. Having a criminal record in this city can hinder progress, making it challenging to move forward in various spheres of life. The process of expunging this record is intricate and demands in-depth local knowledge. This is where expertise comes into play.1

Why Paul Rosenbaum is the Ideal Choice

  • Unparalleled Local Expertise: Los Angeles has its unique set of laws and regulations. Paul’s extensive experience in this jurisdiction ensures that he is familiar with every nuance, giving you an advantage in the courtroom.
  • Impressive Track Record: With years under his belt, Paul boasts a long list of successful cases. His history speaks volumes of his capabilities and dedication to his clients.
  • Customized Solutions: Paul understands that no two cases are the same. He meticulously analyzes each case’s specifics to craft a tailored strategy, ensuring optimal outcomes for his clients.
  • Client-first Approach: Your success is Paul’s mission. From the initial consultation to the final verdict, Paul ensures that you are equipped with the best legal advice and representation.2

How Paul Assists in Cleaning Your Record

Understanding Governor Newsom’s New Expungement Law in Los Angeles

Under Governor Gavin Newsom’s leadership, California has taken a pivotal step toward criminal justice reform. A new expungement law, focused on providing individuals with past convictions a chance to clear their records, has been introduced. For residents of Los Angeles, this presents an invaluable opportunity for a fresh start.

Key Aspects of the New Expungement Law

  • Wider Eligibility: The law broadens the spectrum of offenses eligible for expungement, covering even some previously challenging felonies.
  • Automatic Expungement: Certain offenses will now benefit from automatic expungement, removing the need for an active petition filing.
  • Reduced Waiting Periods: The waiting durations post-conviction have been diminished for several offenses, facilitating a speedier process.

Expungement Process in Los Angeles

  1. Eligibility Determination: Begin by identifying if your conviction is eligible under the new rules.
  2. Document Collection: Assemble essential documents from the respective Los Angeles county court. This might encompass court records, probation details, etc.
  3. Expungement Petition: If not automatically expunged, file a petition ensuring precision in provided details.
  4. Court Appearance: Upon filing, a hearing date is set where a judge reviews your request.
  5. Post-Expungement Measures: After a successful expungement, coordinate with agencies like the California Department of Justice to update their records.

Why Choose Paul Rosenbaum for Your Expungement?

In the vast expanse of Los Angeles, with its intricate legal landscape, Paul Rosenbaum emerges as a beacon for those seeking expungement. Here’s why:

  • Experience: Paul’s extensive track record in handling cases in Los Angeles guarantees that you’re in adept hands.
  • Knowledge: Aware of the nuances of the new law, Paul ensures that the expungement process is navigated seamlessly.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Paul offers a tailored strategy, focusing on your unique case, and maximizing the chances of a favorable outcome.
  • Post-Expungement Guidance: Beyond the court hearing, Paul guides clients on how to navigate life with a clean slate and tackle any arising challenges.

About the Author


Paul R. Rosenbaum, Esq.

A graduate of University of Southern California's Gould School of Law with over 30+ years of experience in Litigation, Real Estate law and Business law, Attorney Rosenbaum has helped hundreds of people get past difficult legal problems that caused them personal and financial stress. Paul has been recognized by the Martindale-Hubbell attorney rating company with the highest honor of AV, Preeminent Attorney. He is an active member of the State Bar of California, the Los Angeles County Bar Association and the Los Angeles Jewish Bar Association.

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